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Unlocking Educational Journeys

Emerging Global Change Makers '24

Immerse. Evolve.

Our mission

the lives of high school students through an intensive field-based immersion program. 

Our Expertise

Our team has lead impact on thousands
of families. The immersion is uniquely designed to create deep impact.


Participants emerge as
global leaders
impacting society as a whole.

our founder

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

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Harvard Graduate
Former President                                
Ex-Country Director                                  
Ex-President, Corporate Affairs & Public Policy
Ex-Country Head                                                    
Best-selling Author                                               

Harvard Club of India
Harvard South Asia Institute
University of Toronto
SEWA Bharat
Katihar to Kennedy

A distinguished alumnus of Harvard University and the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague-supported by fully funded scholarships. Dr. Kumar has played pivotal roles as the Founding India Country Director at Harvard University and at the University of Toronto. He was also the Ex-President of Corporate Affairs and Public Policy at UpGrad. He is a best-selling author for his auto-biography "Katihar to Kennedy"

Harvard Alumnus

Life Changing Year Fellowship'24 (Gap Year Program)

Pause. Trancend.

Our mission

To transform the lives of young students through
experiential learning 

alumni and
MIT Faculty
that has lead impact on thousands 

Our Expertise

see the world
before they make a decision about what they wish to do in life.


About Us


'Sohum' is a word derived from sanskrit meaning ‘I am the Universe’. At Sohum, every individual is guided and mentored to explore and achieve their academic goals. Sohum is built around changing the perception of every learner about their own potential and possibilities that the universe offers. Sohum is the ultimate bridge between you a your dream institution.

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