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Bodhi 4.0

Students in tier 2, tier 3 cities and very small towns have rising aspirations to choose a viable career path. In such places, both parents and students have access to secondary or tertiary level sources for choosing the educational and career path of their choice and talent. In the absence of exposure and guidance, many students are unable to find the right path. It is one of the biggest challenges for both students and their parents. They are mostly aware about the traditional educational sectors such as medicine, engineering etc. In the last few years, several sectors have opened up for careers all over the world. Big companies have started treating human resources as global capacity. Geographical boundaries for jobs are breaking down and countries are welcoming talents from all over the world. Industries are looking for people with training in multi-disciplinary. In the absence of the right source of knowledge, exposure and guidance, students are unaware of the opportunities in education and jobs that the world offers. Bodhi 4.0 program is ideally suited for students from tier 2 & tier 3 cities, small towns and villages, who have aspirations and want to explore and understand the unknown educational and career opportunities. This one year program would bring experts from different industries for interactive sessions with students. These experts would explain different requirements, benefits and opportunities to grow in a particular sector. The students will be provided relevant study material for each session that can work as a guide for them. Students will be provided with a newsletter every month that would give them knowledge about various educational and career opportunities. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Founder of Sohum, would take one Master Class  in every quarter to motivate and guide them about how and why they should be choosing a particular educational and career option. Dr. Kumar’s exceptional educational journey that started from a small town in Bihar would work as an inspiration for the participating students.

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