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LCY Fellowship - Life Changing Year


Sohum has come-up with a unique program- Life-Changing Year Fellowship (LCY Fellowship), which is first-of-its kind in India. The program is intended to benefit the students who are studying in grade 12th and are still not clear about their next journey or want to explore and understand more about the real-life challenges and issues at the grassroots level in the country.  

Based on the central theme of Sohum- experiment, explore and evolve, this program envisions to transform the lives of young students through field-based immersion and experiential learning activities. Specially curated by Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Founder, Sohum, LCY is an attempt to create a safe and robust learning environment for students who are willing to take a year’s break from regular studies. LCY is geared towards breaking the taboo and prove that taking a one year pause from regular studies is perfectly okay and rather much needed. 


At Sohum, we believe that after multiple years of continuous education, a one year break, potentially after grade 12th would allow participants to understand deeper issues in the society; contribute towards the social and human development; identify their own strengths and weaknesses; and find a larger purpose in life. Students will be learning tremendously through multiple field experiences. They will become a problem solver by identifying problems through internships during the immersion and working on the solution. They would also be mastering empathy through mentoring a child from a government school and through the observations during the immersion. It will help them understand larger purpose in life through curated programs. Finally, the program will help them prepare for the next phase of life i.e; college or any other passion that they want to pursue.


Besides exposure and experiences that the participants would gain, they would gain critical insights through blog writing, research paper writing, peer learning, problem solving to name a few. The participants will be taken for three extensive grassroots immersion and will be part of internship programs with NGOs and government agencies in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. In Delhi, participants will be volunteering at Project Prakash, which is run by a MIT faculty Prof. Pawan Sinha. Multiple boot camps to be organised in Delhi-NCR with a focus to train them on current issues of global importance apart from expert-led sessions to prepare them for next chapter in life. 


The duration of the program will be nine months and the first cohort will run between April 2024- December 2024. The first cohort will have limited number of 30 participants. The candidates will be selected through an application process. Application is open 

until the 15th of November, 2023. 


For more information regarding the cost of attendance and other details, write to Dr. Sanjay Kumar at or register for an info session on the 28th October between 11-1 pm. 


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