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Dreaming to study in a world-class global university is becoming a popular aspiration for students.This is quite fair and understandable. The myth that only the students belonging to a privileged background can aspire to study abroad, is breaking. The founder of Sohum, Dr. Sanjay Kumar was awarded a full scholarship by Harvard University to attend a degree program at one of the most sought-after educational destinations in the world, even though he was unable to afford it. It is a determination of the student and support by the family that paves the way. At Sohum, we are committed to find a pathway that works out well for the student and the family. As we believe in the power of the universe, we trust that the universe offers solution for all the challenges including the means that open doors for global education.

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Application process of western universities requires thoughtful planning and meticulous execution. Led by Dr. Kumar, Sohum team will assist students in choosing the right program and the right universities after understanding their interest, scholastic and extracurricular achievements. Guiding through the process of application and making sure that the additional requirements such as language and aptitude tests are met through the proper channels, the Sohum team will make sure that applications are strong and powerful. Post admission assistance. While technical guidance will be provided by the team members, Dr. Kumar will personally guide the candidates in sections that would be differentiator for them. While Dr. Kumar has guided and mentored several candidates who have gone to the top universities in the past, two candidates who are joining Harvard University this year testified about the guidance that they receive from him.

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