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Life Changing Year Fellowship (Gap Year Program)


To transform the lives of young students through field-based immersion and experiential learning programs by the 1st Gap Year Program in India

With over 2 decades in leading the India's largest NGO. Our founder has lead impact on millions with SEWA Bharat. We ensure safety of all  candidates through close oversight by team members ,our founder and local administration. 

Our mission

Our Expertise


By pausing, students can see the world before they make a decision about what they wish to do. People lose upto 35 years due to poor career choices on average. Helping students ensure that they make the right choices after their schooling


Our vision is to transform the lives of young students through field-based immersion and experiential learning programs.

Program Overview:

Taking a one-year break, potentially after grade 12, can be a life-changing decision. This program is designed to help you:

  • Understand Deeper Issues: Use your break to gain insights into societal issues and contribute to social and human development.

  • Discover Your Strengths: Identify your strengths and weaknesses while discovering a larger purpose in life.

  • Rewarding Experiences: LCY is a rewarding journey that includes:

    • Individual Learning: Engage in multiple field experiences tailored to your interests.

    • Problem Solving: Become a problem solver by identifying issues during internships.

    • Empathy Mastery: Master empathy through mentoring and immersion experiences.

    • Purpose Clarity: Understand your larger life purpose through curated programs.

    • College Preparation: Prepare for the next phase of life, whether it's college or pursuing your passion.


Why Choose Sohum’s LCY?

  • Unique Approach: Based on the central theme of "experiment, explore, and expand," our program creates a safe and robust learning environment for students taking a break from regular studies.

  • First of Its Kind: Sohum’s LCY is the first of its kind in India, offering a one-year pause from traditional studies.

  • Strong Immersion: We are committed to creating strong immersion programs that provide participants with first-hand experiences.

  • Breaking Taboos: We aim to break the taboo surrounding taking a one-year break and demonstrate its value for personal growth.


Program Framework:

Our LCY program is structured around key goals and actions:

  • Individual Learning: Gain insights through grassroots-level immersions beyond city privileges.

  • Social Contribution: Contribute to society through internships at government schools, health centers, and more.

  • Problem Solving: Identify and work on solutions to real-life problems encountered during immersion experiences.

  • Thought Leadership: Develop critical thinking through activities like writing blogs and participating in discussions.

  • Finding Purpose: Explore various programs designed to help you find your larger life purpose.

  • Preparation for the Next Chapter: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills needed for college and beyond.


Program Timeline:

  • 30 APRIL, 2024- Last date of admission, subject to seats availability

  • 29 MAY- 19 JUNE, 2024- 1st Immersion- BIHAR

  • 20 JUNE- 13 JULY, 2024- Cooling-off period

  • 14 JULY-28 JULY, 2024- 2nd Immersion- JAIPUR

  • 28 JULY-31 JULY, 2024- Cooling-off period

  • AUGUST, 2024- Paper, blogs & Expert sessions

  • SEPTEMBER, 2024- 3rd Immersion- Project Prakash

  • OCTOBER, 2024- Sessions, talks, discussions & Workshops

  • NOVEMBER, 2024- Expert sessions & Dinner in the Dark

  • DECEMBER, 2024- Reflective sessions & Writing around learnings during the program

  • JANUARY, 2025- Wrapping up the program


Join Sohum’s Life-Changing Year program and embark on a transformative journey that will shape your future. Don't miss the opportunity to gain valuable experiences, skills, and insights during your year-long break. Discover a larger purpose in life, become a problem solver, and prepare for the next exciting chapter. Your life-changing year begins here.

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