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Testimonial By Prateek Som MC-MPA Class of 2024,
Harvard Kennedy School Harvard University

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Prateek Som

Advocate, Supreme Court of India


My journey at Harvard University began with a summer course in Mergers & acquisitions at Harvard Law School in 2019. After my return, I joined the Harvard Club of India of which Dr. Sanjay Kumar is the President. Dr. Sanjay Kumar is an exceptional mentor. In 2022, When I decided to apply for a master's program at Harvard, he guided me through my options. He helped me evaluate the benefits of courses in Law and Public Administration. Based on his guidance and mentorship, I decided to apply for a master’s Program in Public Administration at Harvard Kennedy School. He guided me in shaping my essays and choosing for recommenders which are vital for getting admission to Harvard. At Harvard Kennedy School, they say that Harvard does not make any mistake in finalizing a candidate, and therefore one needs to submit a very high-quality application. Dr. Kumar’s stepwise guidance and intellectual support throughout the process helped me get admitted to Harvard with a full tuition scholarship. I was fortunate to have Dr. Kumar beside me as a mentor.


From our very first meeting, it was evident that Dr. Sanjay Kumar’s genuine passion for helping students achieve their goals was unwavering. As a legal professional, I often found myself confronted with multiple and complex career paths. However, Dr. Kumar provided the encouragement I needed to pursue my aspirations of attending Harvard Law School – a dream college for any LLM applicant. He shared his own experiences and wisdom, which inspired and motivated me to take that leap.He invested time in getting to know me as an individual, understanding my strengths, weaknesses, and the unique story that shaped me. Through continuous encouragement, he challenged me to question the reasons behind every choice I made in my life. With this guidance, my essay underwent a transformation, evolving into a powerful narrative that truly showcased my journey, values and goals. His dedication, expertise, and passion for education truly set him apart, making him an exceptional mentor to anyone embarking on the journey of higher education.

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Testimony by Adya Jha, Harvard Law School Class of 2024 

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