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Z-Alpha Global Leadership Program

This program would help a student to grow as an overall performer and a young global thought leader, which will support their candidature in a very good college when they apply. Centered around the core philosophy of Sohum- experiment, explore and expand, this program will act as a catalyst for the young kids who are in the middle to high school years. Specially designed for Gen Z and Gen Alpha, this program would support students from various countries who are studying in 8th grade and above. Being crafted for a limited number of students by the Founder Dr. Sanjay Kumar, this program would be suitable for those students who are aspiring to get into the Ivy League and top non-Ivy League colleges in undergrad.

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Early preparation and profile building would strengthen their candidature when they are ready to apply in grade 12th. This program would help them not only in streamlining their scholastic achievements but would also guide them in extra-curricular activities that would build outstanding profiles over the years. Adaptive Leadership sessions by Dr. Kumar would help them dream big and adapt to the challenges and situations that they would face as they progress ahead in life as a student and a human being.

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